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Articles by Tracy Deagan LPC-S, LCSW-S

Who We Are:  A group of independently practicing psychotherapy colleagues who share a mission of providing caring, affordable, mutually based therapy services to our Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgendered, Questioning, Queer and Polyamorous clients - our community.  We all share a Relational perspective but we all differ in our skills and orientations which means our clients have more options to find a therapist that is right for them.  We also work well with folks that do not define themselves as in one of these groups but still want a non-judgemental, understanding expert therapist.

Who We Serve:  
We are confident that within our group we have the expertise and right fit for many folks.  While one of our main goals is to serve the GLBTQP communities, we also serve folks with other orientations that want an alternative-friendly, alternative-knowledgeable, non-judgmental sex positive counseling option.  

Just a few of the issues and areas we serve are: Anger Management, Anxiety, Career Transition, Chronic and Catastrophic Illness, Coming Out, Depression, Emotional Abuse, Family of Origin Issues, Grief and Loss, Life Transitions, Kink, Marriage Issues, Multiple Partners, Mood Disorders, Paraphilias, Parenting, Personal Growth, Phobias, Polyamory, Porn Addiction, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Relationships, Relationship Groups, Self Esteem, Sense of Self, Stress, Sexual Abuse, Sexual Compulsivity, Trauma, Verbal Abuse, Substance Use and Abuse.  One other specialty we have is working with partners of those that are "coming out" in some way - adding to or changing their relationship to their orientation, sexuality, relationship structure etc..

Types of services: 
Our independent therapists offer services to individual adults and adolescents, couples, relationship groups, and families.  We also provide group therapy.

Several therapists in our group have the ability to provide EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing).  We also have counselors with the requisite skills and experience to assist transgender clients with the clinical assessment and documentation necessary to access transgender transition medical options.

Techniques and Orientations:  All our therapists share an underlying context for services that affirms mutuality and autonomy, however each person's orientation and the techniques used are diverse.  We have specialists skilled in using Ego Analytical, EMDR, Feminist, Imago, Relational, Family Systems, and Psychodynamic frameworks and interventions.

Choosing a therapist can be a confusing process however it's usually best when we go with our gut and research proves that “goodness of fit” is the most important part of choosing a therapist. What is most crucial - even more important than credentials, specific skills, or education - is that you feel comfortable with your therapist. Therapy can’t be helpful without this foundation.

Our approach is down-to-earth and pragmatic. What works for one person may not work for another, so we try to work in a way that is most helpful for each client. Therapy, as we see it, is about two people sitting down and talking, speaking plain English - not “psychobabble.”

The best way to find a therapist is to talk to us and see who you connect with. I invite you to interview myself or our other therapists over the phone to see if it makes sense to schedule a meeting.

Fees: Our standard fee is $150.00  per hour. However, each therapist works independently and ultimately sets their own fee scale ,so depending on the therapist chosen, their licensure, and their experience ; fees can be as low as $65 per hour.  

Each therapist at VCC is committed to providing 1/4 of our clients a rate below our standard fee; these slots are usually reserved for folks therapist has already been working  with whose circumstances have changed. Please know that every client that pays on our standard scale directly helps someone in our community that can not pay full fee for a legitimate reason. 

Locations:  We are fortunate enough to have a variety of different locations served by different therapists in our group.  This means that we probably have a therapist serving folks in your area.  Please see our office location listings to identify our therapist closest to you.

Directions to 907 West Mary office:

Deagan and Associates is at 907 West Mary Street, in South Central Austin.  We are located between S. 1st Street and S. 5th Street. Head South on Lamar from Barton Springs Road and take a left at the Mary Street (Heather) stoplight.   Go a half block past S.5th to 907 West Mary. It is a renovated building, once but no longer a church.

Once you get to the property, the parking is on the North side of the street. Then proceed down the left hand / driveway side of the place. It is labeled Deagan and Associates. You will see a "In a meeting, please wait" sign on the doorknob if you get here early. If so, please relax in my outdoor waiting area.

To Access Services:  We encourage potential clients to read our therapists' biographies and find the counselor that seems to best meet their needs. Call that therapist and they will provide a short telephone intake.  The therapist will then give you an opinion as to whether they or another therapist in our group seems like the right fit for you.  Our therapists know each other well and are expert at finding the right fit for each caller.  If the screening counselor feels you will work better with someone else they will transfer your intake to that therapist with a referral and the referral therapist will then call you to clarify any questions and set an appointment time - no second telephone assessment is required. Should we not have a counselor with the expertise you need, we will provide you with a referral to another therapist we know and trust.

Our Therapists:

Tracy Deagan LPC-S, LCSW-S

Why "Violet Crown" Counseling?

When naming our counseling practice we wanted the name to reflect two things: our Austin / Central Texas location and our commitment to diversity.  

When a friend suggested Violet Crown we were intrigued.  In researching the origin of the name we came across the following in Wikipedia:
 “According to the City of Austin's History Center, the phrase was first used in O. Henry's story "Tictocq: The Great French Detective, In Austin", published in The Rolling Stone on October 27, 1894."

In chapter 2 of Tictocq, O. Henry writes: "The drawing-rooms of one of the most magnificent private residences in Austin are a blaze of lights. Carriages line the streets in front, and from gate to doorway is spread a velvet carpet, on which the delicate feet of the guests may tread. The occasion is the entrée into society of one of the fairest buds in the City of the Violet Crown

We also saw :
“The phrase is generally thought to refer to the atmospheric phenomenon more commonly known as the Belt of Venus.The phrase is also said to be connected to the moonlight towers of Austin[3].”

We though, 'What could be more Austin than this?'.  Plus the reference to Venus, goddess of love seemed appropriate as the center was born out of love - our love of working together and our love of our community which we all have a long standing commitment to.

The name also incorporated the traditional “alternative” or “gay” color purple as well as invoking “kings” and “queens” - which some of our members proudly identify as.

We hope you like it as much as we do.